Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

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Thailand was my bucket list trip that I dreamed of as a teen. Crossing it off the list in 2018 was a blessing, and I encourage everyone to see it at least once in their life. Time to share my top 10 things you MUST do in Thailand!

10. Go on an Elephant Trek

This was one of the first activities we did while in Thailand. I put it in the #10 spot because you must make sure the place you visit is an elephant sanctuary that treats the elephants with care and keeps their well-being as a top priority. You can do more research on that online. Even better if you don’t ride the elephants but instead just get to play with them. Our experience included riding the elephants but I felt a little bad and also wasn’t the biggest fan of how they have them chained up as a photo opportunity on the way to the main location. It's something I can check off and say I did, but make sure you do your research before experiencing time with your Thai elephant friends!

9. Visit the Big Buddha Statue

There are various Big Buddha statues throughout Thailand, but the one we got to see was at the top of a hill in Phuket, and was breathtaking! I would recommend going on your own so you have more time to enjoy the view and take pictures, but you can visit it as a part of many tours and excursions that stop there. It was the last stop of our elephant trek adventure, and we got to ride ATVs up the hill to the massive landmark. At the top you’ll get a great view of Phuket and the surrounding seas. Being a Buddhist sanctuary, you’ll need to cover your arms and legs, but they will give you scarves to wear in case you forget.

8. Phi Phi Lookout

This is all about the views! If you take a trip to Phi Phi Island (which I highly recommend), make sure you save room to take the journey to the top of the Phi Phi lookout for a great photo op. There are two ways to get there - walk up steep the hill (about a 40-45 min walk) or take the stairs up the hill. We walked up and took the stairs back down. What a view! You’ll be able to see the entire island and surrounding islands in all their beauty.

7. Full Moon/Half Moon Party

If visiting Thailand, try to schedule your visit during a half moon or half moon party, which happen every month. Cities all over Thailand celebrate it (there’s a massive celebration in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon). We got to partake in the smaller half moon party in Phi Phi - which was definitely an experience. Expect a beach party with all the beach bars blasting electronic music with fire shows and lots of neon lights. If you’re good at jumping rope, try your hand at glow-in-the-dark rope jumping for a fun memory. While on the subject of partying in Phi Phi, check out places like Stockholm for great hip hop music and Reggae Bar to see some Thai Boxing (and if you’re brave enough, you can even participate in the fight)!

6. Bangla Road In Patong Beach

If your are looking for a lively scene, take a stroll down this famous walking street in Patong, especially at night. Bars, food, shops and massage parlors fill the street and everyone is there to have a good time. If you’re wanting to come home with a story to tell, look around at night for someone offering to come view a Ping Pong show. I’ll let you google that one, lol!

5. Try all the food you can!

Everything is so cheap in Thailand, and food is luckily inexpensive everywhere you go. From street food to restaurants, you’ll find something delicious on every corner. If you are adventurous, try any street food that catches your eye, and don’t miss out on the street pad thai and Thai rolled ice cream. Some standouts:

This little spot in Karon called the Pad Thai Shop, that hands down had the best pad thai - we only paid around $2 for our entire meal (soup and drink included).

I also loved all the fruit shakes in Phi Phi Island, the fried rice in Patong and my first experience trying mango with coconut rice - omg!!! Food was so cheap that at one restaurant I ordered two full dishes under $10.

4. Cooking Class

On the subject of food, why not take an authentic cooking class to learn how to make some of your favorite Thai dishes? When in Phi Phi, we booked a class at Pum Thai Cooking School, and I’m so glad we did. After an active day, the class was a great way to wind down. After choosing a Thai recipe from their cookbook, we learned how to make pad thai and got a little history on Thai cooking and spices. Best of all, we got to eat our food at the end and it was delicious!

3. Daily Massages

Yes, that’s right... I said daily. If relaxation is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. In Thailand you can get a massage on any given day, at any time, usually under $10. And this isn’t just a quick massage, but a full body Thai massage lasting at least an hour. We had them almost daily in every location we visited, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep every single time! Treat yourself!

2. Songkran Festival

This only happens once every April, so plan accordingly if you want to be a part of it. What a great experience! Songkran festival is the celebration of Thai new year, and is basically a giant water gun festival. If you don’t like getting wet, this isn’t for you, but my inner child was all for it! We experienced it in Patong during the final days of our trip and it was such a great end to our vacation. For 3 days, expect everyone walking the streets with water guns, buckets and hoses. Take a trip down Bangla Road to experience the madness and catch a foam party. Find a busy street and throw buckets at people on motorbikes and trucks for some laughs, but just know they throw water back!

1. Phi Phi Island Boat Trip

At the top of my list has to be the boat day trip that took me to the island that sparked my fascination with Thailand. We did Mr Chet’s Boat Trip, an amazing trip of a lifetime that took us to Maya Bay to see the beach featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach, which is the most beautiful sight I have seen. The water is so clear and the scenery is breathtaking! We then did some snorkeling, had lunch on the beach, more snorkeling, and visited Monkey Beach (if you are lucky, you may get to pet monkeys there - unfortunately they were hiding when we visited). This half day trip was more than worth the price we paid, and I would encourage everyone visiting Phi Phi to book a trip with Mr. Chet!

So there you have it. Those were my top 10 experiences and memories from Thailand that I hope help you when you plan a trip to beautiful Thailand!

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  1. Omg my gosh I am so jealous that you went to Thailand! I have always wanted to go to the lantern festival in Chiang Mai, so this post made me want to go even more :) I will definitely be saving this post to reference when I save up enough money to go!
    -Jenna ♥
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