Kanye West Kicks Off Saint Pablo Tour in Indianapolis with a Floating Stage

8/26/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

I saw Kanye West last night in my city Indianapolis as he kicked off his Saint Pablo Tour. I got my entire life! There were a range of mixed opinions from those who attended (expecting a smoother setlist, more movement from Kanye and less obstructive views) but honestly a perfect show shouldn’t be expected on the first night. It seems he was getting a feel for the setlist and the crowd's reaction to his awe-inspiring floating stage platform.

In true Kanye fashion, the show started late (and hour and a half to be exact) but once the show started we couldn’t help but be surprised and intrigued by the groundbreaking setup. There was no stage, only a standing room only floor surrounded by the standard stadium seats in the upper sections. Hanging from the ceiling were large lit platforms with beaming lights. Kanye himself came out on his own smaller floating stage, simply held by a tether as the platform tilted and moved around. There was one large screen in the front (where the end stage usually would be) and it only showed distorted footage of Kanye with a vivid and radiant glow around him.

His concept was very innovative and while this was the first show and some rough spots/mistakes were evident, overall you have to appreciate his vision. The experience was something I will always remember. From the mood-setting extraterrestrial music before the show and in between songs to the bright lights aimed at the audience, I felt like I was being abducted by aliens and taken into space. With his floating stage hovering over the general admission floor, I think he wanted the audience to really experience something different and become part of the show. There were many times I just focused on the audience going crazy. Kanye himself even had to restart “Blood on the Leaves” 2 times because the crowd was insane. I had seats in the lower level so I feel I got to see the show from a great viewpoint. Kanye performed with gusto and even sang an extended version of "Runaway" with a heartfelt confession to the audience.

Highlights for me were his performances of "All Falls Down" and "N*ggas in Paris." The latter always gets the crowd hype!

Here’s one video I captured from the night just to get an idea of the energy during the show:

A video posted by Whitney (@curly.dimples) on

I’m sure as the tour goes on Kanye will work out all the kinks and craft an amazing show from start to finish. If you get the chance to go, please go and enjoy yourself. The crowd’s energy and seeing Kanye perform on the floating stage will make for a memorable experience. I’m surprised I didn’t lose my voice!

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