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Tips and Tricks for the beginner Couponer

3/08/2016 Whitney R 3 Comments

I have received a variety of requests from people to do a blog post about couponing. Now – I’m definitely not an “extreme couponer” but I do pay attention to websites and follow the tips and tricks to get the best deals. This post will give you the basics to saving some cash on the everyday necessities like groceries and toiletries.

Figure out where to shop

If there is a specific store that you like to shop at, there is a good chance that there is a website online that will provide you with the best deals the store has for that week. For example, for grocery shopping my favorite store would be Kroger (some of you all may have Dillons, Frys, Ralphs – which are essentially the same). Kroger seems to have the best deals in my area. To find all the deals, I’ll visit KrogerKrazy.com. Everything is literally spelled out for you on the website. Tells you the deals, provides you links to coupons or lets you know when the coupon was released in the Sunday paper. If Target would be your favorite place to shop, then TotallyTarget.com might be the site for you.

Get Coupons

Coupons are available in so many places. The easiest - of course - is the Sunday paper. If you subscribe, you’ll get all the Sunday sale ads + a variety of manufacturers coupons. Sometimes you can get a ton, sometimes only a few. I used to subscribe to the paper but I found it wasn’t personally beneficial for me. There are websites that will tell you which coupons will be in the upcoming paper so if you see something that you typically purchase, then you can just go grab one. The best website is coupons.com. It will truly be your best friend! Coupons.com allows you to “clip” and print as many coupons as you would like from their site, however you only print them twice per computer. If you have a smartphone, you can download their app and print the coupons from your app directly to your Wi-Fi printer. You can also visit redplum.com and smartsource.com for printable coupons.
Another tip is using a coupon database. This allows you to type in something that you want to purchase and the database will search to see if there is an available coupon. If you google coupon database, you will find a ton of websites that offer them.
You can also email the company/brand that you want to buy. Some companies will only send coupons by request. Shoot them email and let them know you buy their product and would be interested in coupons if they have any. I did this for Driscoll's Strawberries – because they NEVER have coupons – and they sent me a few coupons for 50 cents off.

Money Saving Apps

There are a variety of apps that will allow you to save additional money if you purchase certain products. Some of the well-known apps that I have are Ibotta, MobiSave, and Checkout 51. All you have to do is provide proof of purchase by snapping a photo of your receipt. In addition, some of the apps make you scan the barcode of the product for additional proof. If you use this link to sign up on Ibotta - referral code vj5sfq - we can both get $ once you redeem some deals!

So these are the basic tips and tricks. Below – I’ll add links to some of my favorite money saving websites so that you all can save them. If you have any questions or requests, leave us a comment and I’ll do what I can to help you save some mulah!

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