Spring Your Wardrobe Forward for 2016

3/12/2016 Whitney R 1 Comments

It’s almost time to spring our clocks forward which means its almost time to spring our wardrobe forward too! With one of the best seasons arriving next weekend and bringing the amazing weather with it… it's a good time to do some spring closet cleaning and grab the latest 2016 spring trends.

If you are like me, you tend to buy a lot of clothing over the year and then when the next season comes around, you realize that you haven’t even worn some of the stuff you purchased. A good way to get rid of items you may not wear or need and to grab some extra cash is selling the items on buy/sell apps. This is great for your spring closet cleaning.

Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion. Its so easy to use. Each user has their own closet. You add photos, a description of what you are selling, and the price you want to sell your item for and BOOM! It’s that easy. People are able to find your items by color, style, and brand. Poshmark also features style parties where you can share what you are selling to get more interest. What I love is that there aren’t any listing fees. What I’m not the biggest fan of is that Poshmark takes about 20% commission. In addition, they charge the buyer $5-6 for shipping. However, they have such a huge following, so it allows you to sell items very easily. I’ve been a member since 2013 and I’ve listed 49 items. Out of all those items, I’ve sold 39 of them and made over $400. It might not seem like a lot but $400 can easily contribute to buying some new spring trends! If you want to download the app - do so with referral code HGFPN. You will get $10 when you use this code and download the app. The $10 can be used to purchase items that you may like from another users closet.

Another great app is Mercari. This app allows you to sell anything - not just fashion, shoes, and accessories. The major bonus is that there are no commission fees. You are also able to pick how you want to ship. You can charge the buyer or you can pay for it yourself. It also gives you the option to use USPS, FedEx, or you can ship your own preferred method/carrier. The only thing that I don’t like about the app is that it isn’t as nice and organized as Poshmark. On this app, I’ve sold about 15 items and made over $1000.

Now - moving on to what you need to wear to be on trend! Of course, you know we are always about keeping things on budget. All items we’ve chosen are under $100.

Giving the “cold shoulder” is on trend for spring. Shoulder cut outs can add so much to the simplest dress. Definitely a fan of this trend. Would you rock it? Check out some items we’ve found below.

Sparkle and shine by adding sequins to your wardrobe. This trend probably isn’t the best for day to day wear but if you have an event to attend or planning on going out for date night or girls night, this would be an easy look to achieve. Our budget friendly picks are below!

The thought of stripes can make you cringe! But hey - they’re on trend! And good thing - they are vertical stripes! When you are 4’11 - some vertical fine lines can help make you a little taller (yes I know I’m short). So - pinstripes aren’t just for the professional business woman anymore. Add some to your closet by grabbing some our picks.

We know trends come and go. Interesting enough, tie-dye prints are in. I wasn’t too sure about this trend but I grabbed a cute tan and white tie-dye top from Old Navy. So - I’m open to it! If you’re open to it, you can check out the items below.

In addition to the trends above, fringe - which I personally feel should ALWAYS remain on trend, netting & mesh, red florals, and lingerie inspired items were also on the runways.

PHOTOS via: E Online

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