Interview with Lord Brian James

3/14/2016 Adrian 2 Comments

What's good y'all this is Adrian, owner of the street wear brand Janus Clothiers, and I will be contributing some posts from a man's perspective from time to time, so feel free to email us anything you would like to see! A few weeks ago, Whitney W and I got the chance to attend a book release party for Lord Brian James' first book, The Man Who Didn't Stop Running, available on Amazon. We were able to sit down with the author/media personality/actor and learn more about his new book, what he has learned during the process, his background, and more!

1) Who is Lord Brian James/Alexander?

Brian: I’m just a dude from D.C. who is trying to, as corny as it may sound, change the world. That’s really it man. Just trying to paint the world different colors.


2) I understand that you are from the DMV area, how have you adapted to living and working in the Midwest?


Brian: Ironically its not to far off from DC. Its the same thing pretty much. The music taste is a little bit different. There’s a lot more Lil Boosie, Webbie, and stuff like that. As far as how people act its the same thing we just gotta get people out of the house more.


3) What inspired you to write this book?

Brian: My parents! They’ve had a strong, successful relationship all of my life and I just wanted to pass that story along and I always thought love is the answer to all questions.

4) What have you learned about yourself in the process of writing this book?

Brian: That I am very dark, contemplative and I am always trying to figure out what’s going on in life and it kinda pushed me into a dark corner.

5) What would define “success” for you with this book?

Brian: Man! I would love for it to be in stores all across the country. That's my goal, but I’m cool with 500 books though!

6) What advice from the book has helped you the most in your love life?

Brian: Probably learn to be more mature. A lot of times I have been the immature one and tried to play games with people in recent years. But recently I’ve been like ‘why don’t I be the mature one?’. The second thing is that I need to work on myself before anything! I’m not perfect and I have to work on my mind before I can be with anyone else.

7) I noticed the book is listed as the first installment of ‘Lover’s Chronicles’. How many stories are you planning on telling throughout the series?

Brian: Four right now but I did start writing the fifth one so it might be five. With this one I am trying to bring everyone in so they can learn the lesson.

8) As an actor, do you eventually want your books to turn into shows and movies or do you have other aspirations when it comes to being on the screen?

Brian: That would be really dope but I want the book to run its course and I want people to digest the lesson that it's okay to fall in love before anything. Then I want the movie thing, whatever to get the story out.

9) Who has played a key role in influencing you to pursue a career in media?

Brian: There’s a radio personality in DC named EZ Street he gave me my start in everything. Russ Parr was a also a mentor of mine as well as my parents who were always there and pushed me to follow my dreams as long as it makes sense.

10) Where can people find you or contact you?

Brian: Hit me up directly on twitter! I’m there bro, I love twitter @lbjcxvi, I’m also on Instagram but twitter is best for me.

Make sure you order Brian's book on Amazon today. 

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