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Saturday Sale Shopping at Old Navy

2/27/2016 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Again… I am so ready for Spring! Tomorrow in VA - it’s supposed to be 66 degrees so maybe I’ll get a little taste. Today I got to do a little spring wardrobe shopping. Or maybe we can call it vacation shopping. I am going to Dubai in a little over a month so of course I want some things to wear. REMEMBER - I am very much a casual chic kind of girl. I am also a fan of neutrals. For the past couple of days, Old Navy has had 40% off the entire store. I figured this would be a good time for me to grab some things on sale.

When I went in the store, I knew I would find some cute comfy things that would be good for traveling. With Dubai having a somewhat strict dress code, I knew I needed to stay a bit modest.

First I grabbed a couple of the Relaxed Tulip-Back Tops. These are so simple but the back makes them very cute. The price is only $16.94. Today was the last day of the 40% off but for the rest of the day you can get 30% off online and an additional 15% off if you are a cardholder. The tops come in a variety of colors but I got one in black and one in navy. I’ll be pairing this with a pair of jeans and sandals.

Next I picked up this Chambray Trapeze Tank. I’m a little iffy on this. I didn’t try it on but I plan too. If I like the fit, I’ll keep it and wear it with some khaki or white denim/pants.

And for my favorite of the purchase - it would be the Flat Gladiator Sandals. I don’t think the pictures online do them justice. And the colors they come in are AMAZING. They really caught my eye. I grabbed them in “spice girl” and “thyme to go”.

I did grab a couple of other tops and pants. I probably could have spent much more money so I’ll save some of my favorites and you all can check them out below!

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