Get WHIT It: The Relaunch!

2/16/2016 Unknown 2 Comments

Guess Who’s Bizackk?! Yes that’s right – the ladies of Get WHIT It are back and we’ve decided to expand our content. While on our hiatus, we were focusing on personal careers and relationships and just living life. So, why not share that with you guys? Our new tagline is Life + Style: Get Whit It or Get Lost! Life topics will be food, fitness, travel and everything in between and we’ll continue with Style by focusing on the latest trends and celebrity fashion. The purpose of our rebrand is to refocus and make it bigger and better, so rejoin us on our new journey!

We invite you to read some of the new content (Grammys 2016 recap, Fitness tips, Travel tips, Requested Look, Whit Picks, Inspired Concert Look), browse the new categories in the navigation and leave us some comments. As always we love requests, so fill out the contact form to send any in. We have a lot in store soon, so keep visiting for future giveaways, features and interviews as well!

As always, share, share, share! Follow us and spread the word on our social outlets – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. I am so happy to see you girls are back! Yeeey :D

    1. Hi Marte! We've missed you! Hopefully we can get some good giveaways in the future :)