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Fashion Finds - Complete Looks under $100

2/24/2016 Whit and Whit 2 Comments

So - we are … not so patiently … awaiting spring and summer. Since the groundhog predicted an early spring, we figured its never too early to start prepping your wardrobe. Every week, we will feature fashion looks for under $100. Of course, we’ll try to jam in as much as we can for a complete head to toe look (minus the bra and panties LOL) under the budget.

If you’re like me (Whit R) the thought of spending over $20 for a shirt can make you cringe. Most of us are at the age where we now have adult responsibilities (bummer). A designer tag is nice but I’m not one to live beyond my means. And hey, if you can find a cute top for less, by all means - ROCK IT! That is a great benefit for us ladies is that we don’t have to be label whores.

So - the two looks I picked out are rather simple. If you’ve been following us since we started back in 2008, you know I love casual chic styles.

The fashionable celebs above know how to rock a crop top so I was inspired from their style. I’ve paired together a crop top, jeans, and ankle boots. I’ve also include some accessories - a choker, sunglasses, and a crossbody bag. The bag will add a nice pop of color to the look. It may be a little chilly for this now but you could throw on a blazer or jacket from your closest and wear this on a mild day. You can grab my inspired look for $72! You can’t beat it!

The next look - no real inspiration here. This look is easy and so so cute. Midi dresses have been in for a while now. Pairing them with a pair of simple sneakers is a great look to wear out shopping. I opted to add in a chambray button up which you could throw on over it or tie it around your waist for a cute look. Throw on a crossbody bag or even grab a tote and you are good to go. I chose a crossbody for this style - only for my personal preference. I also added a cute pair of earrings. With all of those items, the look is only $75! So you could save some cash or splurge a little more and grab other accessories.

Don’t forget - if you have any upcoming events and you aren’t sure what to wear - let us help you! Send us your requests and budget and we can help find you a look!

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  1. How is the quality and sizing of Boohoo's clothing. I've never heard of this site?

    1. Boohoo is great. You'll have to check it out. I got a few dresses from there. One of them I wore to a wedding. It was good quality. I can't speak to everything but I may order some stuff and give some feedback on the quality :)