5 Tips to Plan the Best Group Trip!

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It's been a while! More info on our relaunch coming soon, but for now how about some travel tips?! We love traveling here at Get Whit It, and I recently discovered I have a knack for planning and organizing trips. My birthday is coming up in March and I came across a great deal on a round trip flight to San Diego, California. I couldn't pass it up so I told a few friends and family members, who all were very interested in joining the trip!

Planning a group trip is not easy - it takes a lot of patience and coordinating to ensure everyone has a great trip. Here are some of my basic tips (or major keys to success, in the words of DJ Khaled) for planning a group trip:

1. Do Your Research!

The first rule is to know as much as you can before you go to your destination, this way you won't have surprises when you arrive that could ruin your trip. This means take into consideration all costs, especially if you are traveling on a budget. Need transportation while there? Make sure you know if it will be more beneficial to rent a car or take public transportation.

Know what is in the area where you will be staying. Read reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Foursquare to get the best ideas. I like to put together documents with all the info I find, including maps and points of interest.

Also you can keep everything organized with this great online tool and app called Travefy. With Travefy you can basically plan your whole trip with the collaboration of everyone. Easily add itineraries and links to activities and locations as well as suggest ideas and vote for things such as where you want to go for dinner. Makes everything so easy and fun!

2. SkyScanner and Hopper are great ways to find affordable flights.

I use Skyscanner and Hopper on the regular to see where I can go that is affordable at any given time and set alerts to track prices on specific destinations. Skyscanner has a great feature that allows you to search everywhere just to see the price of a flight anywhere around the world. You might be surprised at where you can go and may end up planning a trip somewhere you never thought of going that turns out to be a great getaway!

3. Use services like AirBnB and HomeAway to find nice, affordable options to accommodate large groups.

I LOVE just browsing HomeAway and Ainbnb and saving favorites for future dream trips and ideas. They have options to fit every budget and it can be nice staying in a house or apartment for your stay vs a traditional hotel. Here are some of my favorites I have my eye on:

Destin, Florida

Starting at $169 per night / $9 per person a night
Sleeps 18 / Bedrooms 6
Rent it here!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Starting at $550 per night / $55 per person a night
Sleeps 10 / Bedrooms 3
Rent it here!

NYC, New York

Starting at $135 per night / $27 per person a night
Sleeps 5 / Bedrooms 2
And here is the rental I booked for my group in San Diego:

San Diego, California

Starting at $286 per night / $40 per person a night
Sleeps 7 / Bedrooms 3

I ended up booking the rental thru Stay Alfred, who I have had a great experience with so far. I recommend looking them up because they have great rentals available in cities all over!

4: The Cash App makes things so much easier!

Are you the designated person collecting money for trip expenses, such as for hotel/vacation home and planned activities? Well it can be a nightmare collecting money from everyone, but I recommend using Square Cash app because it's super easy! Before, I used PayPal (which is also a great way to send and collect money), but what I love about the Cash App is that it sends most money INSTANTLY, which means once you send money to someone, it automatically shows up in their bank account! This is a life saver when you have deadlines and need to collect large amounts of cash.

If you don't already have it, try it out using my code and we will both get $5 after you send your first $50 using the app. Trust me, you will love it, and it's free to use! Make sure to enter the code after downloading the app.

5: Groupon and Eventbrite are your friend!

I already mentioned doing your research earlier, and that includes searching Groupon and Eventbrite to find fun activities for your entire group to fit everyone's needs. Groupon comes in handy to find activities and discounts on food. Depending on your group and the location of the trip, you may be looking for events to attend together. By searching your destination on Eventbrite, you can find some great events and activities to RSVP to. This came in handy for a NYC trip I took last year when I found some great parties, brunches and fests to attend. Made the entire trip super memorable. Speaking of partying, I found a great group deal for a club crawl in San Diego that came out to around $9 a person. If you do your research and use these resources, you can plan a memorable trip that everyone in your group will be talking about for years to come.

Those are the top tips I have to share for planning a group trip! I'll be back with more travel tips and definitely give an update of how my San Diego trip goes!

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