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Spotlight: Démodé Clothing

5/07/2014 Unknown 3 Comments

Have you heard of Démodé Clothing? It is a hot new streetwear brand that I actually first heard about while following Wolf Tyla on Vine and instagram. She released her own collection with them recently that was successful. I got a chance to purchase a Fashion Killa shirt from Démodé Clothing a few months ago. I would describe their brand as simple with a statement, often known for their t-shirts with statements on them. Get to know the brand a little more and make sure you check out their site!

Démodé Clothing was founded in Fall of 2012 in the heart Raleigh NC by the creator that goes by the name OnlyFame. With the brand being new and still getting established, this brand was made to go worldwide. Its style is a sure fit for everyone.

Demodé is a lifestyle of itself, every item is custom made by the CEO himself. Not even having been in business for a year Demodé clothing has already reached an international level, with sales in Guatemala and also the UK, London to be precise. "Its amazing what hard work will bring you" says CEO A. Johnson. Demodé Clothing is still a new brand and is already catching the eye's of many of your favorite celebrities. This business all began with just a couple of screen-printed t-shirts to wear around the house, now it has grown into an international business, being recognized all over the world.

One of the most versatile streetwear brands thus far. Designs that vary from simple to very intricate, this brand is what the world needs to be considered fashionable. Already being featured on Chris Brown's website and more, this brand is definitely on the right path to success.

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