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Weight Loss Inspiration: Phase 2 - Smart Shopping Tips

5/07/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post on the beginning stages of my weight loss journey. Time for phase 2!

So you have lost over 15 pounds and you are ready to buy more than just a few basics, plus you realize that with the new pounds you have lost, so many things fit and look better on you. You are feeling good and ready to have a little fun shopping!

Well my rule number 1, if you are going to introduce some new things into your closet, get rid of some things as well. It's spring time, so go thru your closet and try on things for a little spring cleaning. Sell the things that don't fit to a thrift shop or use Poshmark (a great app that let's you shop other people's closets and sell things for your own and make cash). Then you will have some extra cash to go shopping for the new things you need. I just sold my first item, some Noir rings that I didn't wear anymore. You can join with my code for a $5 credit using HGWLN. For the things you can't get rid of, give them away to Goodwill.

If you have lost over 15 pounds, it may be time for some new bra shopping! At the moment I have lost 15 pounds, and I noticed that there was a significant change. I remeasured myself using an online guide and found out I am actually now 2 full cups smaller! That was a big surprise! The bad thing about that is all the cute bras I have that I no longer can fit! Here are some cute affordable bras:

You don't want to lose steam or hit a plateau with your weight loss, so work harder. Mix it up with your workouts. Try new things. In the first phase I mostly stuck to the elliptical and weight training with a little aerobic workouts; this time around I have incorporated more treadmill, walking outside and a variety of targeted aerobic workouts (Jillian Michaels be putting me to WORK haha). Try mixing it up and add in an extra 30 minutes. Here are some items to get you inspired:

Now the best part of the deal, treat yourself to some shopping! Still be mindful of how much you spend if you aren't at your goal because you don't want to put down too much cash on one item. My go-to stores will always be places like Forever 21, H&M and Nordstrom Rack for inexpensive but cute finds. Try on everything, it's fun to see how smaller sizes now fit. Treat yourself to some cute spring/summer tops, jeans (love the $10.80 jeans from Forever 21) and dresses. Here are some great finds from Forever 21:

Finding new swimwear will be fun as well! The new collection at H&M has many cute tops and bottoms for $4.95 as well as one pieces, sarongs and swim shorts. I picked up a few items last week when they launched their new Beyonce inspired Summer Collection:

Get excited about your new beach body! You should feel good about yourself... and keep on working towards that goal!

-Whitney W

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