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Get WHIT It Celebrates 5 Years!

5/21/2013 Whit and Whit 1 Comments

It's our birthday! Today marks 5 years of blogging! We hope you like the refresh to the look of the site and new logo... you may see some more changes in the upcoming month! We said we would have something special for you this week, so stay tuned later today - we will announce a special giveaway!

Old header from 2009

But first... we have to reflect on 5 YEARS! We are thankful for all of you who still visit the site and all of the comments, tweets, facebook comments, shout outs and recognition we have received over the years! Here are a few words from us:

Whitney W:

I remember when we started the blog back in 2008, and back then our focus was all over the place. We covered entertainment news and fashion, but we decided a year later that we needed a main focus to make us stand out. Our fashion posts seemed to be the most popular and we had the most fun with them, so we went full force with the "Celebrity Fashion & Style Trends" tagline. We incorporated more and more new features into our usual celebrity looks, looks for less and trend posts, adding in inspired looks, interviews with some up and coming designers and entrepreneurs, site features, reviews, requested looks, Whit Picks and more! Today we cover all that and more and hope to work at making it bigger and better. I have always been dedicated to this blog, not only making sure I try to write interesting posts but also making sure the design looks fresh.

For me blogging has led to a lot of great things! Because of my love of fashion, I joined a local fashion meetup group called Pattern, which led me to network over the past year with many other like-minded individuals in my community and learn of all the possibilities of things I can do to take my dreams to the next level. One thing I'm really excited about is that I'll actually be writing a story in their local fashion publication, called Pattern Magazine, that will be printed this fall. I also have some other things in the works and plans to collaborate with another local blogger. As for Get Whit It, I just hope to see this blog continue to grow and get more exposure. I love being able to share my experiences of attending local fashion related events and other things such as my weight loss journey with you (while incorporating style tips) as well as continuing to report on our most popular feature, the celebrity looks and trends. Please continue to spread the word about Get Whit It and we still love hearing your feedback and getting requested looks from you! Stick with us on our journey!

Whitney R:

Has it really been 5 years? It definitely doesn’t seem that long. Like Whit – I remember starting off as somewhat of a messy gossip blog and transitioning into a clean Fashion Blog. We both have a love for Fashion so rather than it being a tedious task, it was something we both enjoyed doing. Being that we aren’t rich – I think one of our most favorite things to do would be to provide looks for less. I know it’s by far one of my favorite things to do and we know the viewers love being fabulous on a budget.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve unfortunately been extremely busy with my “real job”. LOTS of overtime and what free time I had, I just needed to myself. With the overtime slowly wearing down, I’m looking forward to posting more and bringing more interviews, features, contests, etc. to the readers. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us for the 5 years... and newbies – continue to ride with us!

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