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Featured Site: Wizards of the West

5/18/2013 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We found out about a brand new site that we think you should check out! Also, in case you didn't know... May is Get Whit It's Birthday month (5 years!), so we may have a special giveaway from the site next week!

Wizards of the West is a new online retail site selling clothing and accessories where you can also get rewards for simply sharing on your social accounts! Here are just a few cute items found on the site:

I love stripes! They never get old, and this cute Striped Tank Top is perfect for summer. You can get it for $35.36.

This Dragon Ear Cuff is a unique jewelry piece that would look great with a bun hairstyle. It's only $11.09 and available in gold also!

This Black Chiffon Skirt has slits on the sides and is only $36.

I loved the shape of these Brown Round Sunglasses. Just in time for summer, it's the perfect time to stock up on stylish pairs. These are only $13.98.

This Snakeskin Clutch will definitely standout for a special night out. Love the elaborate rings with the skulls. Get it for $44.

Lastly, this Leather Front Dress is simple but with the right shoes and accessories would be a hot look for a night out on the town. The price, only $55.55.

Make sure you check out Wizards of the West today, and be on the look out for something special next week!

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