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Designer Spotlight: Kimberly Yohman of Kimi Kouture

5/27/2013 Whitney R 14 Comments

I got the chance to interview Kimberly Yohman - model and now Fashion Designer of the up and coming brand Kimi Kouture. Kimi Kouture is currently an online fashion boutique which just launched at the beginning of the year featuring a variety of dresses, skirts, rompers, and tights. What makes Kimberly's line so unique? Each piece is specifically designed for the client. Every customer provides their measurements so that the design fits in all the right places. Read the interview to find out why and how Kimi Kouture came to life and a little about Kimberley herself.

When and How was Kimi Kouture founded? What made you start designing?

The website for Kimi Kouture officially launched January 1st, 2013. I’ve always had a very small waist and large hips which made it a struggle to find clothes that fit my shape, let alone flattered it. After many years of wearing clothes that never fit, I finally started sewing my own clothes to accentuate my shape. The moment I started wearing the designs, I got allot of positive feedback as well as order requests from women, thus, leading to the creation of Kimi Kouture.

Who is Kimberly Yohman? (What’s your everyday life like)

Very busy and fun. I’m a single mother and an entrepreneur. Every morning and evening I’m with my son, cooking, playing power rangers, soccer, and baseball. I spend my days designing, ordering new fabric, managing the website, coordinating order fulfillment and managing my team. After my son goes to bed I usually stay up sewing and designing more. Our client base has been expanding rapidly, so I've been spending allot of time finding a headquarters office space and hiring more peoeple. At this point, I’m just really focused on the two most important things in my life, my son and my business.

What experience do you have in fashion design?

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was young. It’s just something I truly enjoy. Being a model I was constantly in photo shoots, around models, designers, having the strong understanding of the industry and having such a creative network made it really easy for me to start designing.

What makes Kimi Kouture different from other fashion designers?

Unlike most retail clothing that comes in standard small, medium and large, all Kimi Kouture pieces are custom made, one by one, specifically to our client’s measurements.

What are the price points for your pieces?

They range from $99-179. Wanted to make sure the price point was high enough to make it exclusive, but low enough to make it affordable.

How difficult is it to have each piece custom to fit the customer’s body?

Very easy. The hardest part is getting ladies to give us the correct measurements. I’ve come to realize allot of women don’t even know how to take their measurements.

Do you personally sew each item or do have you have a team?

I sew the first prototype sample piece. After I take product pictures of the design and post it on the website, I give the prototype to my seamstress and she makes a pattern. All the orders are filled by my team of seamstresses. They’re truly awesome, so good at accommodating custom requests and perfecting fitting.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

No particular place, inspiration usually comes at the most random times. Most inspiration comes when I’m outdoors, by a lake or beach. I just try to think to myself what would I want to wear, that shows my curves and has never been done before!

Have your pieces been seen on any celebrities?

Draya Michelle from Basketball Wives wore our black and white “Kouture Jumpsuit”, she’s so sweet and gorgeous. There are a more than a few really big names we’re currently designing for right now… so keep an eye out ;)

Any suggestions for those looking for a career in the fashion industry?

Have respect and never steal another designer’s design. And most importantly find a unique niche that’s never been done before.

Make sure to support this up and coming designer! Connect with her - 

Twitter: @KimiKouture
Instagram: @KimiKouture

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  1. Ordered from her website and the quality of her clothes is beyond horrible. The measurements were WAY off and I spent over 400 dollars on a dress and 200 on a swimsuit that would look nice if I were an ice skater. The material was like Halloween costume material and I had to get the dress altered because it fit like a box when my measurements are 36 23 40. Funny how my measurements are the same as kimi's and she flaunts her outfits online then sends us JUNK. Kimi Kouture is a complete joke. Finding one good review and pic from a customer online is IMPOSSIBLE because she FAILS as a designer.

  2. Omg. I am so mad. My items got here today. The are so cheap an stitched awful. I hate them. Measurements are terrible can't even put them on an stains all over fabric. I hate them

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