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Whit Picks: NYC Edition

4/29/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

I (Whit W) went to NYC last week with family for a short vacation. I always love visiting that city and hadn't been since 2011 (we usually went there every Thanksgiving for the past couple of years, but since I just moved in my new apartment last year, decided to stay home to celebrate the holiday). I was excited to be back in NYC and do some of the things I love most: walk around the streets, shop and eat great food! As many times as I have been there (I have lost count), you would think I have done everything there is to do, but the truth is there is always something new and exciting to do so I made sure to plan to visit some new places this time around, as well as some old favorites!

I'll tell you about my NYC adventures and some of the great shopping I did over the course of 4 days! Great finds at Forever 21, Topshop, the brand new Necessary Clothing store on Canal Street, Century 21, Macy's and more!

To start things off, this time we stayed right in the heart of Times Square, a great location right in the middle of everything. Our hotel was right across the street from the Times Square Forever 21, which in my opinion is one of the best ones. It's 4 floors of clothing and if you aren't watching the clock, you can easily spend a few hours in here (I definitely did, which is why I had to make a second trip on another day)! Since I am still on my weight loss journey, I am all about finding cute and affordable clothing, so going crazy in F21 made me happy. I found a bunch of cute tops (some to wear now, some for when it warms up), some inexpensive jeans and a cutout dress that will be cute in the summer.

Below are some of the items:

While in NYC, I probably ate more food than I have in a long time, but I know I made up for it with all the walking! We made our way to Macy's in Herald Square and found out they are in the middle of remodeling. You can still find the original wooden escalators in the store, which is nice. I guess a lot can change in a year, because as I made my way to the shoe floor I was in heaven as I found nothing but gorgeous shoes:

Here are a few shoe picks/most wanted from Macy's:

On Friday, as we made our way to Chinatown for some food, I wanted to stop by the new Necessary Clothing store that had just opened up on Canal Street. This is the first fashion retailer to open on Canal Street, lending to Mayor Bloomberg's continued efforts to clean up and commercialize the counterfeit strip.

Found this cute peplum top with faux leather panels for $19.99:

Then I headed up Broadway into Soho to stop at Topshop, another favorite.

How cute are these mannequins?

I love stripes, and knew I had to have this striped midi dress when I spotted it:

On Saturday, I mostly did some sightseeing (Central Park, Guggenheim Museum, M&M's World...) and more eating but I did go downtown near the 911 memorial and stopped in Century 21. I mostly watched fam pick up a bunch of items, but I did find some cute hoop earrings.

If you haven't visited NYC yet, definitely try to go, if only for a few days. There are so many things to do and if you love to shop, this is the place for you. My favorite areas to shop are in Soho, Herald Square, on 5th avenue and in Times Square. I had a great time!

Image credit: All photos taken by me

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