Cassie x Forever 21 "Forever LA" Campaign: Shop the Collection!

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Cassie teamed up with Forever 21 for their Forever LA Campaign. Modeling is definitely one of her fortes, I remember getting dELiA*s catalogs years ago with her modeling clothes in them. Forever 21 is still one of my favorite stores, so this collection is worth checking out. On the site, they separated it into east side vs west side, so you get to choose from 2 separate styles or pick and choose from both.

Check out some of the photos from the lookbook and then browse items from the collection and shop!

Forever 21 also asked Cassie 10 questions. Here were a few highlights from their interview:

Most memorable F21 shopping trip… "I had the best Forever 21 shopping experience when I was in New York and me and my best friends went crazy. It’s a best friend store! I think we bought a lot of the same clothes: t-shirts and print leggings."

Cassie on having to take a dip in 30 degree water for the shoot:

Behind the Shoot… "I knew I was going to get partially in the water, but I didn’t know how much. I was actually submerged in it! What made me feel really good though was that everybody got in the water. Everybody was soaking wet head to toe. I felt like we all came together."

Fashion is… "About confidence and not letting your clothes wear you – you wear your clothes. Just belonging in what you wear. It has to be your thing."

Style influences… "The music industry has definitely influenced my style. I’ve taken more chances. Be it my hair or how baggy I want to wear my pants, I’m inspired by so many other artists and people. So when I see something I like, I like to try it in my own way."

I picked out items from the collection so you can shop below!

West Side:

East Side:

Forever 21 Pants · Forever 21 Earrings · Forever 21 Necklaces

You can also check out Cassie's latest mixtape RockaByeBaby of

Images: Forever 21

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