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Indy Fashion Recap: Pattern Magazine Launch & Midwest Fashion Week

3/18/2013 Unknown 3 Comments

Last week I attended a few local events here in Indianapolis. I always like to support local fashion when I can, and one way I did this was by joining meetup group Pattern last year. Pattern brings together creative individuals interested in fashion. This has led me to meet many talented people in the world of blogging, photography, styling, marketing, modeling, design and other creative outlets. Creator of the group, Polina Osherov along with an amazing team of contributors, put together Pattern Paper, a twice-yearly publication. You can view previous issues here and see how fab the magazine is!

At the spring issue launch party last Wednesday at the Indiana Design Center, I came out to celebrate the release of the new issue and finally get a chance to take a peek through the pages.

Me at the launch party

One of the sections on trends actually inspired my latest purchase of mint heels:

Credit: Pattern Magazine

Overall, loving the latest issue of Pattern magazine and you should definitely check them out!

Midwest Fashion Week:

Last year in the fall, I went to a few shows but this year I was only able to make it to one show, so I chose the finale on Friday. Here is what I wore - I decided to add a pop of color with my jeans:

I saw all female designers showcase women's clothing. I found a highlight in just about each showcase.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson of Bedazzling Boutique in Carmel, IN
I can't believe I haven't been to her store before and it's right down the street from where I work. I'll have to check out the store sometime. She had some intricate detailing on many of the pieces.

Joni Marie Ross

Joni Marie Ross
The host mentioned that several of Joni's designs made the best dressed list at Nelly's Black & White Charity Ball in 2011 and 2012. Most of her designs played with a print and sheer fabrics. I also saw a lot of peplum.

LaTonya Hubbard

LaTonya Hubbard
The Chicago designer showcased a lot of form-fitting pieces (I saw shiny and draped material) in blues, pinks and golds. (Sorry for the horrible pictures guys).

After a short intermission (and helping myself to a complimentary manicure, haha) I took a seat for the final 2 designers.

Lanae Monique

Lanae Monique
I saw Lanae's work back in the fall. This time her line featured mostly gowns, and even a wedding gown. One that stood out to me was a cute belted dress that created a lot of volume at the hips. The models kept the energy high and came out pumping their fists to an LMFAO song:

Parel Anej

Parel Anej
Finally was Parel Anej, who showed her Indian-influenced looks. There was a lot of attention to detail and use of color and prints in her collection. The one stand-out for me was a neutral gown with a high slit and multicolored belt and arm straps:

The show ended smoothly and on a good note. Overall, I think Midwest Fashion Week shows will get bigger and better over time and it's great to see the excitement and types of fashion events in Indianapolis.

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