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Get Inspired: Wardrobe Tips During Weight Loss

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Anyone started a new weight loss plan since the start of the year? Have you been successful losing a little weight? Feels good doesn't it? Reward yourself with a few new items for your wardrobe - it always seems to make you feel empowered and give you a boost of confidence. I know that feeling when your clothes start to fit a little differently (a little looser) and it's a good thing, but it may be time to start finding a few key pieces to get you thru as you continue your weight loss journey! If you have a bigger goal in mind, don't bother buying a total wardrobe or anything too expensive that you will grow out of, focus on items that will get you thru your weight loss period!

My friend Adrienne and I are on a quest to achieve a #BeyonceBody (she wants her butt, I just want her legs)! I have been making some significant progress with the help of the app MyFitnessPal - highly recommended - it helps you choose a daily calorie goal based on how much you want to lose a week and then keep a daily diary to log in your meals and exercises to help track your progress. I think by seeing what I am actually eating and how many calories are in each meal really makes the difference.

It's been 2 months now and I have lost over 8 pounds and a few inches all around! At first I was surprised (I lost a lot the first month and wasn't used to losing that much with all my bad luck in the past). I honestly just follow the daily calorie goal they give me (I still eat the foods I want because I'm not a fan of dieting, I just practice moderation) and exercise often (at least 4 times a week). Here is a picture to see my current progress:

The first thing I noticed, after losing a few pounds, is that I needed some new belts!

Tip #1: Buy some new belts. That is something I just had to do. Some of my go-to everyday belts were starting to get too big and I was running out of notches in the belt (didn't want to make any new ones)! Go to places like Target, JC Penney or Forever 21 to find inexpensive ones to fit your shrinking waistline! Try these options:

Tip #2: Try on all your jeans and decide if you need to purchase 1 or 2 new pairs. Try on all your current/old jeans! Ever hid a pair because they started to fit too tight? Well it may be time to try those on again because they may fit perfectly now, haha. Some may even fit better now. When they start to get too loose though, it's time to let them go. If you do want to buy at least one pair of new jeans, don't splurge on an expensive pair that will eventually be too loose on you as you continue losing weight. I would wait to splurge when you reach your goal weight (it will feel better spending that hard earned money on a pair that you know will look great on a body you worked hard on)! For now just find a cute pair at an inexpensive price that you won't feel too bad about spending money on. I found some skinny jeans at Forever 21 under $25. Also look at these:

Tip #3: Workout in style! You've lost weight, so you want to continue the trend, right? Get a little motivated at the gym in vibrant workout clothing to boost your mood. I'm lucky enough to have a fitness center right here at my apartment complex, so I just walk to the gym daily and can dress pretty comfortably, but I do like to occasionally put a little effort into my workout ensembles. I usually just wear a t-shirt with some Victoria's Secret PINK yoga pants or sweat pants (cropped or long) and black and pink New Balance sneakers. Check out all these options of cute workout gear below:

Tip #4: Save money by getting things tailored. I learned that you can save a lot by just getting something tailored as opposed to buying a new item. Take a pair of jeans and have them taken in a bit - it should only cost you a few dollars which is better than buying a new pair of jeans, especially when you are in the transitional period.

I hope these tips help you out during your weight loss journey, or maybe even inspire you to get started with a weight loss plan! Trust me, MyFitnessPal works! I'll continue my journey and check back in with more tips for shopping after I reach my goal!

- Whit W

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