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Whit Picks: January

1/20/2013 Whit and Whit 1 Comments

This year is off to a great start! We hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday season! We know we sure did! Nothing is better than a little time off and spending it with friends and family. Check out some of our Whit Picks for January... featuring some of the things we got for Christmas!

Whit W:

I'm excited for this new year! I had a great holiday - absolutely loved my vacation in Hawaii and had fun on New Years in Chicago. As far as things I got for Christmas, I got an iPad (which I was not expecting but had been wanting for a while), and a lot of things for my new apartment. Here's a look at some things I got over the holidays and past month:

I was in need of a new handbag, and my last bag from Urban Outfitters was a favorite, so I decided to go back there and find a new one. I found this black bag. Recently I picked up a few new things from Target (a sweatshirt and coral top). I also got this really cute Jennifer Lopez skirt from Kohls - it was on sale for around $15 and I loved the leather detail so I couldn't pass it up!

Whit R: Has everyone set their New Year's Resolution(s)? Has anyone already failed? LOL My goal is definitely to spend more time on the blog and more time in the gym. I say it every year and I eventually fall off but the older I get, the harder it will be to maintain so... gotta start sometime right? Anyways ... I had a pretty good Christmas. If you remember from our last Whit Picks I really wanted the Nikon J1 camera. Well, since I'm still overly spoiled at the age of 26, I got it! It takes some amazing pictures so I thought I'd use it to showcase some of the things I got for Christmas.

First - I got a new coach bag. Now... I'm not big on brand names. I could care less if the bag came from Saks or Walmart. If it's cute, I'll carry it. We happened to be shopping and I came across the bag and really loved the color combination. Next I got a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. Again - mostly all because of the color combination. I actually saw a look created on Facebook that had these sneakers so that is how they caught my eye. My family surprised me with some studded boots and some things from Victoria Secret (I live for the PINK hoodies). In addition to that, I got some jewelry and gift cards and other misc other items. Overall, no complaints from my Christmas. If you got anything great, share with us in the comments!

Whit W: I just got another piercing in both ears, so I've been looking at some cute earring accessories. I already have some really cute butterfly studs (because anyone who knows me knows I love butterflies), but I've been looking for other cute options. I remember back when Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing the "K" and "W" initial stud earrings last year, and now Boutique to You sells these Sugar Bean Single Initial Earring Studs for $24:

There are also a lot of ear chain options out there as well. I've always been a fan of unique jewelry, so this just gives me the opportunity to start collecting things for my ears now.

Whit R: So, here I am shopping in Macys and I see these cute studded sneakers by Sugar! I'm totally in love!

The cost is only $59! I had asked for these for Christmas and I got a giftcard to Macys. For some reason, I haven't purchased them yet... not sure what is holding me back? Maybe the fact that I have to get them online? I have small feet and they don't carry my size in store.

Meanwhile I'm in target and come across these -

Pretty much the same sneaker... only a different color. They will save you about $25 - with a price tag of only $35. I don't know.. help me out. Which ones should I get?

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Whit W:

Whit R:

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