Winter Goodies under $100

12/16/2012 Whitney R 0 Comments

Burrrrrr! I don't know about you all but I'm officially over the cold weather! Here in VA, you never know what the weather will be. One day it can be in the 70s and the next day down to the low 30s. Since we are just really getting into winter, I thought I'd find some winter goodies for you all to grab since the Celebs have been throwing on their hats, coats, scarves, and boots! I've kept it budget friendly since it is the Holiday season, everything under $100!

First up, gotta have some great coats right? I'd say I have about 6-8 jackets and coats and I usually wear maybe 3 tops. Like shoes, I feel like you can never have too much outerwear! Check out some of the picks under $100!

Boots are a necessity for the winter. If you live in southern areas where it remains mildly warm, you can still grab a nice pair of riding boots. For those who want to dress up, a cute pair of heeled booties can compliment an outfit. Grab some for under $100 below.
Sweaters and sweatshirts are a great way to keep warm yet still remain stylish. Graphic and cut out knits seem to be hot items. Grab some to add to your wardrobe for less than $50!
Now that you've got the main essentials, of course you need accessories! Compliment your winter look with hats, gloves, and scarves. Everything below is under $25.

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