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Get WHIT it and Get rewarded for Shopping!

11/12/2012 Whitney R 0 Comments

So, as most of you can see from our Whit Picks posts, I love to shop. Doesn't really matter where, for who, for what, etc… as long as I'm getting that retail therapy. One of my friends happened to fill me in on how I could get rewarded for shopping.

For those who don't know, shopkick is an app available for Apple and Android users which allows you to get rewarded for shopping. The best thing is you really don't even have to buy anything. shopkick has a variety of partners… some of which include my favorite places to shop. Lets say you are headed to Target (I mean who doesn't shop at target?). You turn on your shopkick app, pull up Target and grab "kicks" just for walking in. Once you rack up your "kicks", you can trade them in for a variety of rewards such as gift cards. You can even save up your "kicks" for uber fabulous rewards like designer handbags and even a cruise!

Planning on shopping? You're able to link your card and grab "kicks" at participating stores. I joined just a week ago and already have enough "kicks" for a $20 gift card - No money spent!

Click here to join! Sign up off that link and you'll get bonus kicks. Then referral your friends so that they can receive a bonus (and you can too).

Photos: via shopkick Facebook and app

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