Fun Celeb Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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For those of you who have Halloween parties to go to this year (or just want to have fun and dress up), we want to give you some fun celebrity inspired costume ideas again. Last year we picked out a few celebs, but this year I'll add on to that list with some fun new additions + some 90's inspired costume ideas!

Get creative and dress up as power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce:

...But don't forget baby Blu Ivy lol! Bring a baby doll to complete your look, and get a few extra laughs. Get the look below:

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KimYe fans, you can dress up as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

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Nicki Minaj costumes will always be popular and easily recognizable due to her colorful style and wig collection, so choose any of her looks and have fun with it.

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More options:

Lil Wayne is also still a popular and fun pick. He has his popular TRUKFIT clothing line now, so grab a hat and shirt from the collection, add some temporary tattoos, and grab a skateboard for a Weezy look.

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More options:

For another Young Money look, guys can try Drake. This year we saw the popularization (and abuse) of the term YOLO from his hit "The Motto," so you can throw on a YOLO tee or OVOXO tee (if you have one) and people will automatically connect that to Drake. Extra hand gestures optional.

Rihanna is another fun one to dress up as for the girls. She has a range of looks to pull from, so choose any Rihanna era and get creative. Remember that time she got "Thug Life" written on her knuckles? You could try that yourself (lol). Here is one inspired look to get you started:

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We had a request to do some 90's inspired costume looks from Get Whit It reader Tenisha. That is one of my favorite eras actually, so I put together 3 inspired looks based off of popular movies and music from the 90's:

Who can forget Janet Jackson in the memorable Poetic Justice movie from the 90's? People are still channeling her style from that movie today with the box braids. Recreate the look for a great Halloween look with a cropped long sleeve tee, high-waisted relaxed jeans in a light wash and a newsboy cap. Use a backpack or duffle as your bag (remember Janet's character was traveling through a majority of the movie).

Another memorable movie from the 90's, Clueless, definitely had a defining style from it's era. The plaid, skirts, knee high stockings and Cher's cute designer dresses from her closet (that we were all envious of). Get the look below:

Here's another classic - Coming To America. Guys, you can recreate Prince Akeem's movie look as the Prince of Zamunda or working at McDowwel's. Get inspiration below:

Get the look:

Lastly, here's a look from Salt n' Pepa (during their "Push It" days). The bright leather jackets, even brighter leggings and boots, gold rope chains… totally late 80's/early 90's style. Get the look below:

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Those are all just a few ideas. Hope everyone enjoys Halloween! If you want to send us pics of your Halloween style, we would love to see who you ended up dressing up as!

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