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Requested: Rihanna's House of Holland Shades

9/26/2012 Whitney R 0 Comments

Get WHIT it reader Melissa emailed us with this request:
So I was on twitter earlier and seen that Rihanna had posted a video on her viddy account. When I watch the video I couldn't take my eyes off these beautiful glasses. Can you please tell me who makes them and if at all, can you find a cheaper version for I am almost sure I can afford them.
I've got some good news… and some bad news. Good news is, we know who designed them. They are by House of Holland - A London based brand created by Henry Holland. In addition to their shades, they have tops, bottoms, dresses, phone accessories, and more! Bad news is, they won't be available until Spring. With that said, I'm thinking that there aren't going to be any options available for less. Most of their shades run from $80 to $100 so set that aside for the spring.

In the meantime, check out some of their other shades.

Bookmark HOUSE OF HOLLAND so you can be sure to purchase them next season.

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