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We got a chance to interview Romell Bhaala, founder and Vice President of, an online store selling products that bring an Asian authenticity, taste and sophistication to Eastern-Inspired holistic healing, wellness and spiritual solutions. We also got a chance to review a few bracelets, which will be included in our upcoming giveaway bags soon! Read the interview for some insight into how Romell got his start, male celebs he would love to see wearing his bracelets (like Rick Ross) and some encouraging words of wisdom for those trying to make it in the business.

Describe the essence of Karma Mantra.

Karma Mantra is a brand that provides our customers handmade jewelry from around the world. We source our beads and materials from India, Nepal, Japan and Brazil. Our products are meticulously crafted; whether it’s our bone bracelet made from real Yak bone, or our crystals mined from Brazil that are hand placed into our Shamballa bracelets.

Romell Bhaala

How did you get your start?

It started when I was finishing up college; I knew I could not hold a corporate job or sit at a desk 9 to 5. I wanted to do something different, and fashion and accessories has always been my passion so it was just the right path. I started by slowly making them through different people, then expanding to our own manufacturing units.

We love the jewelry on the site, especially the beaded bracelets, which are a hot item right now. Tell us about how the meaning behind them is more than just fashion.

Every bracelet that we carry actually has a meaning behind it, not only because of the type of bracelet, but it also has to do with the type of material it is made form. For example the bone bracelets are symbolic in the Buddhist culture as it is supposed to remind someone the impermanent nature of life. Life is short, life live to the fullest and make sure not one day goes wasted. When we move across to our Turquoise, Tiger Eye and other stones, the meanings get deeper. Stone therapy has been used for thousands of years by civilizations across the globe. For example, the Tiger Eye is known to be a very powerful stone, so we decided to make a Mala necklace that one can meditate with or can wear it around their neck as a necklace or wrap it around the wrist for fashion. We also came out with a Tiger Eye Shamballa bracelet which signifies the same power of the Tiger Eye stone, but in a fashionable Shamballa bracelet.

One of our most popular posts from the past is one on celebrity men wearing beaded bracelets. What celebs would you like to see in Karma Mantra jewelry?

I would have to say some of my top celebrities I would like to see in the music industry would be someone like A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, Azealia Banks and of course one of my favorite artists, Rick Ross. To explain, I see the first three as young emerging artist who have made it all the way through it all and have really taken the industry by storm. They are all in their early to late twenties and they represent the new generation that will be taking over the music, fashion and entertainment industry. I have been a Rick Ross fan since his mixtapes, so it will definitely be a cool thing for me personally to see him rocking Karma Mantra.

What are some of your favorite trends right now?

My favorite trends… My style is very eclectic, so I grab influences from different genres when it comes to fashion- I’m a big fan of wearing a classic V-Necks with a blazer, a scarf and some jeans- all the way to wearing a fitted with a T shirt. I haven’t hopped on the snapback bandwagon just as yet. I still prefer my classic New Era fitteds. Of course for accessories, I will say that I love to wear the Karma Mantra Shamballa bracelets coupled with our other bone bracelets to finish off my look. And gold… anything gold. Bracelet, watch, or necklace… I love gold.

What are some of your best sellers on the Karma Mantra site?

The best seller on the Karma Mantra website are the Skull Bracelet, Turquoise & Rosewood Bracelet, all the Shamballa Bracelets, and our extensive line of Mala Necklaces in over 20 different stones.

Any words of inspiration for those who dream of owning their own brand/store someday?

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever let anyone discourage you. I have been told “No” so many times, that I’m just numb to that word. If there is something that you want to do, do it. My Mother has always taught me to plan, and I couldn’t give any advice better than that. Always plan, slow and steady always wins the race. There is no easy way to anything. Period… there is no way around it. Hard work, perseverance and commitment will get you anything you desire.

Thank you for telling us a little about yourself and your brand. We are sure our visitors will be excited about the bracelet giveaway!

We both got to review the Rosewood & Turquoise Bracelets (shown here and here) and Leather & Hemp Handmade Bracelets (we also have 4 to give away soon).

Whit W: I love bracelets, so when I need some arm candy, I put these on (separately or add to other bracelets). They are cute, affordable and a great way to accessorize a look. I have had bracelets fall apart by other brands, but these bracelets were constructed properly to last. I love the dark wood of the Rosewood & Turquoise Bracelets and how the pop of blue color adds character.

Whit R: The Leather & Hemp bracelets are a great accessory to add to any casual look. They are adjustable so it’s easy to obtain a perfect fit. The bracelets are only $4.95 but if you pick up more than one, you can receive a discount! Layering bracelets is in style now so why not grab a few to add to your accessory collections. I paired mine with a neutral look so that it worked well with the variety of colors in the bracelet.

We encourage you to check out for other bracelet options and more!

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