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Get WHIT it or Get LOST? Cheryl Cole in Hearts & Polka Dots

6/14/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Singer Cheryl Cole was caught by cameras in London yesterday. She wore polka dot pants with a heart printed top and what appears to be studded pumps. Cheryl combined prints which is currently a trend BUT... don't know if we are loving it. Let us know. Should we Get WHIT it or should she Get LOST?

Prints are great but this just isn't working. The black and white with a touch nude is a no no for this look. Throw some stripes in there Cheryl! Remove the hearts! Something!

We are going to give Cheryl a pass on this look since she stepped out in this -

She looks amazing right? Guess we can't win them all!

If you are fan of the polka dot and heart print, check out some of the items we've found to add it to your style.

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