Ashley Rickards,

The "Awkward" Ashley Rickards in Neon

6/23/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Anyone watch the MTV show "Awkward"? I (Whit R) caught a couple of episodes last season. It can be rather entertaining so if you are looking for something new to watch, you'll have to tune in to see if Jenna will choose Matty or Jake!

Ashley Rickards, who plays the main character Jenna on the show, posed for cameras at the premiere party. Her neon jacket caught my eye!

I went on a hunt and found a similar neon denim jacket for only $116 from Topshop. Click above if you wanna purchase it. With it, she wore skinny blue jeans, a white top, and neon pumps. She accessorized with a neon necklace and oversized black clutch.

I would have really liked if she didn't overdue the neon. Had the shoes been black to match the bag and the necklace been silver to accent the zippers, I would have been more of a fan of the whole look. None the less, if you like her style, you can grab it below!

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