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Requested Look: What to Wear to a Reno Wedding

5/14/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT It reader Tenisha sent us this request:
Hi dolls. It's your fave reader Tenisha. I'm attending a wedding in August in the beautiful city of Reno;)...I have no clue on what to wear!!
First thing we did was check out the weather in Reno. Usually in August, it averages about 90 degrees. We confirmed that it is going to be a day wedding.

First up is a colorful floral look. Hi-lo skirts and dresses are in style and the dress in this look is amazing for only $87. We paired similar accessories to the photograph with stiletto sandals in blue and then a belt or clutch in yellow or pink. See the look below:

Another option adds some bright color with simple accessories. The Dip Hem dress is mint and we've paired it with neutral wedges and a clutch. The accessories are in silver. See the look below:

If you are anything like me (Whit R) you will NOT want to be in heels. If I am sitting it is okay but if I am up mingling, I want to be comfortable. We found a cut out shoulder maxi that could be paired with flat sandals. We added a rose colored bag for the accessory.

Coral is such a great color. We wanted to offer a sexy look if you may want to go for that style. This dress from Asos with the open back is super sexy. Paired with gold shoes and accessories, you will look stunning. BUT, don't out do the bride okay :)

We've saved some other dress options to skim through. We added in an LBD, some neutral, some bright, peplum, and floral. Depending on your body-type, you should be able to find a flattering style in these picks! We hope we've helped and offered you some options that don't break the bank!

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