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Class of 2012: Dresses for Graduation and Prom

5/17/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We have quite a few high school readers so we wanted to help out those who are the Class of 2012! We recently received an email requesting prom dresses. We figured why not help out with a graduation dress as well.

In most schools (correct us if we are wrong) the ladies wear white dresses to their graduation. When I (Whitney R) graduated, I remember grabbing a dress for like $20 because I KNEW I'd never wear it again. At that time, white wasn't really something you wear often but these days, it's very chic! We've found a variety of dresses that you can wear beyond your graduation. We've also made the picks budget friendly… Under $100. Check them out:

Searching through these dresses made me wish I could go back to prom. I actually had a custom made dress from a Vogue pattern I found. Believe me, it was A LOT cuter back then. It's been about 8 years! But you can get a laugh by clicking HERE. Luckily, you have a lot of amazing options. We've chosen all types of gowns from sheer and simple to colorful and ruffled.

If you have amazing legs and want to show them off in a short style, check out some options that we've picked:

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