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Requested: Rihanna's Fringe Bikini + Look for Less

4/28/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT it reader Michelle sent us this request:
Can you ladies help me find Rihanna's Bikini she wore in Hawaii? A look for less will work too! Thanks xoxo
Rihanna flaunted her beach ready body in a fringe bikini, hoop earrings, and a cowboy hat. Her L Space Dolly Fringe bandeau top retails for around $70 and the bottoms for around $70.

It comes in a variety of colors such as citrus, iris, and lavender. If you aren't a fan of the bandeau top, you can grab a triangle top with the same fringe feature. Check out more from the L *Space 2012 Swimwear Collection on EliteFashionSwimwear.com.

Tilly's offers the DAMSEL Fringe Bandeau Bikini Top (SEE ABOVE) for only $24.99. A great option for Less and it comes in black in white.

Asos also offers a fringed top for only $30. If you aren't interested in the black or white option from Tillys, it is available in peach!

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