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Site Feature : Dorothy Perkins

3/15/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

While browsing through sites looking for a requested item, we happened to run across Dorothy Perkins. Neither of us had ever been to the site so we explored a bit more. To our surprise, Dorothy Perkins was established over 90 years ago. It is currently one of the biggest Fashion Retailers in UK with over 600 stores. (Sorry for the UK Viewers who probably already know about this) They offer a variety of collections including Tall and Petite. The fact that they have Petite I automatically made it a favorite of mine (Whit R). Best of all, EVERYTHING is affordable!

Check out some of top picks from the site.

This Jade Peplum Dress retails for only $59. If you've checked out our list of Spring Trends then you'll know that peplum is in! You'll want to add this to your closet.

These Pale Pink Ankle Denim Jeans retail for $44. Every store is stocking up on colored denim. Ankle jeans pair great with pumps, platforms, or flats.

Last but certainly not least (we could go on for days) is this Tux Jacket. Very classic style! Could be paired with all black for a simple yet sexy Happy Hour or Shopping style.

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