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Requested: Gold Pistol Necklace

3/25/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We received this request from @Priim_Rose:
Lately I have been into gun necklaces. I recently purchased a hot pink one from charming charlies & I was going to do a DIY and paint it gold; but I want to keep the pink one. Where can I find a gold one like the one Rihanna had on in your previous post?
Of course, most of us don't have Rihanna's bank account so we wanted to find some decently priced options. Wildfox Couture offers a Mini Gun Necklace for $30. You can get all the details by clicking below:

If you are looking for a pistol style gun, you can purchase the Ettika Sharpshooter Necklace from Max & Chloe for $50. Check it out:

Since you are into gun necklaces, we thought we'd suggest a piece we came across on Etsy.com.

This Automatic Gun Necklace is made from recycled bullet casings. It is solid metal and has a very antique look. Click HERE to grab it now for $32.00.

Browse some other options and colors on Etsy by clicking HERE.

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