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NBC's Fashion Star Recap

3/14/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Last night was the premiere of NBC's new show Fashion Star. If you didn't get a chance to tune in, the show is a new reality competition hosted by Elle Macpherson along with celebrity "mentors" Nicole Richie, John Varvatos, and Jessica Simpson. 14 unknown designers have the chance to get their collection into Macy's, H&M, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Buyers from the 3 stores, who also serve as judges, will have a chance to purchase items from each designers collections. If the designer doesn't score a bid on their presented piece, then they are put into an elimination round. If they do score a bid, then their design hits stores the next day (or can be purchased online that night).

Last night, Macy's picked up the most pieces. They purchased designer Edmond's Sleeveless Halter Dress in White and Black. What do you think?

Next up they grabbed Lizzie's Asymmetrical Jersey Tunic in Black and Plum. Would you add to your wardrobe?

Last, My (Whitney R) favorite of the Macy's buys was by designer Nikki. She designed two different resort style Kimono Maxi dresses. All the Macy's pieces average around $100. Not bad. They can be purchases HERE.

Sak's picked up one of the more creative pieces. Designer Orly created a Black Zipper Mini Skirt. The price tag: $350! Only Limited Quantities so get it HERE.

The only piece of Menswear to make it was designer Nzimiro's Blue Blazer jacket. H&M grabbed the buy. He had a variety of colors and according to my male friends, they seemed to like the other colors better. It's still available and can be purchased HERE for only $49.95.

I had to save what I thought was the best buy for last. Designer Sarah created a very simple yet chic piece that was picked by H&M. Her "Amy Dress" comes in turquoise and black and retails for only $19.95! I immediately went online after the show to purchase. Had items added to my cart and by the time I put in my Credit Card info… it was gone! Luckily, I headed over to H&M this morning and picked up the turquoise dress. There weren't many left so it seemed to be a popular buy here in Richmond. We even got a photo sent over to us of Laurie wearing the Black Amy dress! And Thanks to Jackson for being a good sport and hopping in the picture as well and showing off the Get WHIT it Eco Friendly Bag!

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