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Top 10 Must-Haves for Spring 2012

2/25/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT it picked up the March Issue of People Style Watch. Yes, it's still February but it's time to start preparing for the Spring! If any of you are like us, you cannot WAIT for warmer weather. In the latest issue, People gives a Spring Style Guide so we're going to bring it to you! (With our own twist of course). We are going to go through what they say are the TOP 10 must haves in your Spring wardrobe.

Best of all, everything we find is going to be Under $100!

First up - Clock-Block ! Not a new trend but it seems to be becoming more and more popular. If you remember, we posted the trend back in 2009 but rather than piecing together different colors, more items are blocked with multiple colors. Check out what we've found for you:

Next - Day Clutches! I'm (Whit R) ashamed to say that I only own 1 clutch. I'm a oversized bag kind of girl but this spring I definitely need to expand and create a collection of clutches. What used to be something that you only carried on a night out has turn into a fashionable day time piece. THESE are currently on my buying list!
Clutches for Less than $100? Check them out!

Ankle Strap Sandals are also a Must-Have for Spring. We know a lot of you get style inspiration from Solange. She's been working this trend for a while. See what we've found.

A perfect pastel to add to your wardrobe…Mint is in! According to Style Watch, whether in clothing or accessories, pair your mint piece(s) with neutrals, whites, or other pastels. Get the Mint for Less:

The fifth Must-Have item is Leather. Not your typical black style… it's time to add some color! We didn't find many items under $100 but real or faux, keep it Fab!

Time to accessorize! Blue & Green Jewelry is a Must-Have. These cool hues work great with a variety of Looks. We love the ocean inspired tones. Makes us ready for the beach! See what we've found for under $100

On the days that you want to be feminine and chic, make sure you have a variety of florals in your closest. Its the seventh Must-Have pick. It's Spring… what's Spring without flowers?

Are we starting to fill your closet yet? Well, Peplum is a must add! It's flattering for almost any body type. Get the Peplum style in a top, dress, or skirt for under $100!

Need a night out in the Spring? You'll want to shine with Metallic Heels! According to Style Watch, Metallics can easily replace your nude and black heels. Grab some now:

Last but not least, an important addition to add is Neon. Shades of pinks, Greens, and yellows in clothing and accessories… these BOLD colors allow you to stand out. While out shopping yesterday, I noticed Aldo has a variety of Neon pieces for those who are interested. In the meantime, See what we've found for under $100!

We hope we've helped you all get a jump start on your Spring Collection.

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