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Fashion Recap: The 54th Annual Grammy Awards

2/13/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Whether the awards kept your attention… or not … the Fashion was something that was discussed throughout the show. Overall, it was decent. LL Cool J opened up with a heartfelt prayer for Whitney Houston. There were a variety of good performances from Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, and Rihanna while some others were rather interesting such as Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Everyone was waiting for the tribute to Whitney Houston and J Hud, overall, did a great job. Yes… most of you are disappointed that it wasn't longer but given that they only had a day to pull it together, bravo on one great performance! We've seen what happens when a whole show is put together in day. Now… on to the Fashion!

There were a few fashion hits and misses. Best dressed goes to Rihanna and Carrie Underwood. Rihanna wore a black plunging Giorgio Armani dress. Even though Carrie looks like she's about to get married, it's a gorgeous gown by Gomez-Gracia and she wears it well.

Some runners up would be Kelly Rowland, Taraji Henson, Adele, and Kelly Osbourne.

A lot of couples hit the carpet together in style. Alicia and Swizz might have beat out the rest of the couples but it was a close race. Wiz and Amber just missed it (due to Wiz's jacket looking oversized). Which couple do you think rocked it the best?

There was a battle for worst dressed. Katy, Nicki, Fergie, and GaGa were all in the running. We'll let Katy and Fergie pass because there is some hope with their looks. As for Nicki and Gaga… well……..

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