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Black History Fashion Trends: Flashy Jewelry

2/01/2012 Whit and Whit 2 Comments

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month. Last year we celebrated by honoring Black Fashion Icons of the past and present, and this year we would like to look specifically at a few Black fashion trends. Throughout the month, we will feature fashion trends made famous by and explored by Black icons and the Black community. We will also examine how some of these have been updated and recycled into today's fashion trends.

Today we look at flashy jewelry trends, popularized by hip hop culture. There are some from the past that we would like to leave in the past (heavy gold jewelry, gold teeth and grills), although they are all still incorporated today in some way. Other jewelry trends we love, like the large hoop earrings and beaded bracelets for men, will be around for a while.

Back in the 80's, men wore heavy gold jewelry as a representation of wealth. Women wore large gold earrings and nameplate necklaces to showcase their names or nicknames.

Women in hip hop like Roxxane and Salt N' Pepa popularized doorknocker/bamboo earrings. Today large earrings are still popular.

As of recent, a hot trend appears to be the large embellished diamond/crystal beaded hoop earrings (as seen on the popular Basketball Wives show). Friend to the site Peppermint Chic offers many cute options for the earrings (including a few with spikes). Also take advantage of our 15% off discount on Peppermint Chic by using code WHIT15 at checkout. Check out the below options as well.

One popular trend with the men right now are the beaded bracelets. Our post from a few years ago on men's beaded bracelets is still one of our most popular posts. Check out the options found for a 2012 update.

For a 2012 update on multi-finger rings, check out any of these options:

I (Whit W) think it is all about wearing what you like, and being unique to showcase your own personal style. From time to time, I love wearing standout jewelry items, but I never go overboard with it. It is all about personal preference and expressing individuality.

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