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Who Got WHIT the Look the Best? Mel, Chelsea or Kim?

1/29/2012 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Last week, hot momma Mel B was spotted in LA wearing a low cut long sleeve jumpsuit. She wore a lace bra underneath for some sexy coverage along with a woven handbag, skinny belt, and pumps. Chelsea Handler and Kim Cattrall also wore the jumpsuit on previous occasions. We must ask, Who got WHIT the Look the Best?

My (Whit R) thoughts here… the mom of 3 is ROCKING it. I'm loving Mel B's fringe haircut and it all works great together. Chelsea and Kim didn't quite do it for me.

With that said, get a similar style to Mel B's by choosing some of the items below. Whether the jumpsuit is navy or any other color, this is an easy look to achieve.

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