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Keri Hilson vs Rihanna - Who Got WHIT the Boy London Look the Best?

12/02/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Rihanna, who was photographed on set for the "You Da One" video recently, rocked some Boy London leggings. Keri Hilson sported her Boy London get up in the late spring/early summer of this year. Let us know, Who got WHIT the Boy London Look the Best?

What's Boy London? A line created in 1976 by Stephane Raynor. Raynor's goal at the time was to get his Pop Star Clothing Line accessible to the Rich and Famous as well as the "not so rich and famous" all over the world. Back then, Boy London was seen on Pop Legends such as Boy George, Elton John, and Madonna. Now, it's being sported by some of our well known celebs.

If you more information on it, visit www.boylondon.com. Want to buy some Boy London items? Check out UrbanOutfitters.com and Leavetheboyalone.com

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