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Get WHIT it - Requested: 25th Birthday Look

11/09/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT it Reader Chandice sent us this request:

Hey Ladies,
I adore your blog and am in desperate need of your help. My 25th birthday party is Nov 19 and I have yet to find an outfit that screams "Diva/Fierce Birthday Girl". I REALLY want to avoid black and I want something with color. I really liked the Herve dress Evelyn wore on BBW season 2 reunion but everyone says it too plain. Then I have a friend that says birthday dresses are so played out. Smh I'm so confused. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
We are glad you sent us this request. Birthday style really depends on the person and location. We don't feel Birthday Dresses are played out BUT they are some what expected. Dresses can scream Diva so we've found some options for you to check out. We've chosen some sexy bodycon styles, some sequin and metallic options. Wearing either one of those, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

If you wanted to consider some other options besides a dress, consider a cropped style top. They are very cute/sexy depending on what you pair them with. Possibly a bandage style skirt and leather jacket (for warmth), a pair of pleated trousers, or wide leg trousers. Then top it all off with a pair of amazing platforms. If you like that idea, see some of the separates we've found below.

Cropped Tops:



Personal note from Whit R. Don't COMPLETELY avoid black. Depending on how it's worn, it can be just as fab as anything else ;)

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