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Requested Look: What to Wear to a Homecoming Party

10/09/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Jayme sent in this request:

I love your site, I frequent it daily for new ideas and looks, but currently I'm having an issue. I am 26 years old but I have a tendency to look like a kid and I will be attending my alma mater, Lincoln Univ.'s Homecoming. I will be at the alumni event which is a night party/cabaret. I want to look age appropriate. Could either of you help me with an idea of what I should wear?

Jayme, we can relate to your problem of sometimes being mistaken for being younger. We searched for some cute dresses that are sure to have you looking age-appropriate and amazing at your homecoming. Depending on what look you are going for, we separated them into 3 themes: Classic Beauty, Sexy-Chic and Bold.

Classic Beauty:

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If you love LBDs and classic shapes that are feminine and timeless, try any of these items:


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If you want a sassier look that involves form-fitting silhouettes, cutouts and tall heels, try these items:


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If you want to stand out in attention-grabbing colors and prints, try these:

Hope you find a great look for homecoming. We also suggest that you visit Celeb Boutique (use code "DJHIXBAHSL" at checkout). They have a wide variety of hot celeb-inspired dresses.

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