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Requested: Aztec Print Oxfords

10/01/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Our reader Melissa sent us a request:
I really really like these oxfords... They would go good would so many things, because of the abundance of color. Where can I find these cute oxfords?
Melissa, I feel like we let you down every time (LOL). I (Whitney R) googled my heart out. No such luck on finding these exact oxfords but I think I've found some great alternatives.

Mary Meyer Clothing offers a variety of printed oxfords. A colorful pair that stood out were the Osborn African Oxfords. They retail for $165. Check them out:

That is a fairly reasonable price. If you want to stick to the Aztec print, THESE would also be a great Option. See all of her shoes HERE.

If you google, Boxing Kitten has a variety of colorful oxfords as well. I went on their site and didn't see them but they may be on sale somewhere else.

Viewers - if any of you know who these Oxfords are by, let us know in the comments!

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