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Get WHIT It or Get Lost? Christina Milian's Night Out Look

10/06/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Christina Milian posed for cameras as she was headed out with Teyana Taylor and Jennifer Freeman. Christina, who is still celebrating her 30th birthday wore a deep v-neck top, a long skirt and some pumps. She accessorized with a draped silver necklace. Let us know: should we Get WHIT It or should she get LOST?

My (Whit R) opinion - I'm hating this look BUT it has potential. Christina has an amazing body and she is beautiful. Normally I love her style but I feel like this skirt is doing NOTHING for her. I'm hoping that it is sold as separate pieces but you really never know. I actually like the deep v. Very sexy. But… all together, not a cohesive look.

My recommendations for those who like the top but would like to wear it a different way would be to check out the ASOS Chiffon Sleeve Wrap Bodysuit. It features a plunging v neckline. Instead of wearing a long skirt, try a pencil skirt. It's fitted and still sexy. You could also try a pair of ankle length trousers or even wide legs. Christina appears to be wearing basic pumps. If you're wearing the plunging v, keep the sexy going and wear some platforms. You can get my recommendations below:

Let us know in the comments whether we should get WHIT it or she should get LOST?

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