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DIY: Fab Halloween Costume Ideas

10/14/2011 Whit and Whit 3 Comments

Taking advice from a reader that commented on last year's Halloween post, this year we decided to give you some do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas in addition to looks! Have fun this year!

First up is Nicki Minaj, who was also a popular costume last year. Dressing as Nicki is probably one of the most recognizable costumes in terms of female celebrities. There are so many Nicki looks you can choose from - the more colorful, the better. Looking at a few of her recent looks, we found a few items inspired by her bright and bold style. Don't forget your pink lipstick!

DIY Nicki Minaj Wig: Get the Nicki Minaj look right with a colorful wig. Start with a blonde wig and dye half of it or spray paint it. Be creative, you can stick to one color or go crazy with a rainbow!

Looks like Young Money is winning this year. This Lil Wayne look for Halloween is sure to get a few laughs. Guys, if you are brave enough, go shirtless and wear some skinny jeans (aka Lil Wayne jegging style). Or you can simply pull from your own wardrobe and wear a white tee, shorts and striped socks. Don't forget the dreadlocks and some shades… and Polo underwear.

DIY fake tattoos: Everyone knows Lil Wayne is covered in ink, and this Halloween costume look wouldn't be complete without some body art. To achieve the look, try this Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($18) we found. It's a liquid liner pen that works on the face and the body. Create temporary tattoos with this water-resistant must-have that brings out the artist in you. The innovative brush tip makes it easy to make your personal vision a reality:

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
$18 – Sephora

You can get it at your local Sephora.

More celeb DIY ideas:

Rihanna: You'll need a red wig and a fab/bold outfit - enough said.

Justin Beiber: For guys with hair that can be combed in the front of their face… or I'm sure they have Bieber wigs out there. Wear purple (his favorite color) and some fly sneakers and maybe the ladies will catch some Bieber fever!

Jay-Z & Kanye West: This power duo is perfect for guys who don't really want to wear a costume. Grab a buddy and throw on some jeans, a top, a little jewelry, a little swag and throw up the ROC sign! You can fight over who is Kanye and who is Jay, lol!

The Kardashian Sisters: Dress like a fabulous doll! Don't forget the long dark hair and heels. You can go to Sears to pick up a few of their Kardashian Kollection pieces. You may need Booty Pop panties ($20) for that true Kardashian look!

Traditional Costumes:

If you are looking for more traditional non-celebrity costumes, try these!

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