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Designer Spotlight: Interview with Natt Taylor of DESTINI Clothing

10/07/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Up-and-coming designer Natt Taylor took some time to answer some questions for the Get WHIT It readers. Her brand, DESTINI, is perfect for all simple yet sexy fashionistas in all sizes!

In our interview with Natt, she discusses her clothing line and how she planned on becoming corporate woman… but creativity pulled her in a different direction.

Who is Natt Taylor?

Wife. Woman of many talents. Fashion Designer of a sophisticated, edgy line labeled DESTINI.

From reading your bio, we found out you majored in something not directly related to fashion. What made you get your degree in Accounting? 

Believe it or not, I always wanted to be a corporate girl.  My plan was to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and run my own firm one day.  So, I was on the right track until creativity pulled me into a new direction.

What didn't you like about corporate America? 

Too many rules and not enough time to spend with family.  I hated having to ask 'permission' to take off for a family event. 

How did  the name DESTINI come about? 

I joined a step team in high school and my nickname was 'Destiny'.  Not sure how I came up with it, but everything happens for a reason.  For years, I ignored every opportunity to focus on something outside of Accounting, even though the passion was there.  So, when I finally gave in and decided to become a designer, Destiny seemed like the obvious choice for the line.  I was destined to do something artistic with the talents given to me and I was finally doing it!  I changed the 'y' to an 'i' because it was cuter. ;) 

We are fans of "simple yet sexy". Why do you love this motto and how do your pieces show that?

I don't like to overdo it with clothing and accessories. When I design, I stick with classic silhouettes and add a splash of color or an unexpected detail to liven up the piece.  For me, an open back is a little sexier than a low cut front.  Leaves a little to the imagination. ;) 

What celebs have worn your pieces?
Keisha Knight-Pulliam wore the all black highlighter dress and Keyshia Cole has worn a few pieces of mine. 

Currently, your line offers sizes 4-14 but you plan to expand to sizes 14-24, known as DESTINI Curve. What influenced you to add the curve line?

I receive a lot of compliments about my line and its usually followed by "I wish you made my size".  I'm no small girl, so as a consumer, I completely understand the challenges we face.  As a designer, I want to make sure I take my time in creating a quality curvy girls line. I do plan to offer 'our' size very soon.

Where do you get your inspiration for your pieces? 

From us. Women are beautiful people and we are almost always on the go. So, when I sketch, I think about our everyday lifestyles, how we move, where we're going, etc. I'm also heavily inspired by music.  My sketch sessions are usually soundtracked by old school hip-hop, but when I begin creating the piece, I like to zone out to some light jazz or work in silence.

Tell us about your Fall 2011 collection. 

My Fall 2011 collection was a mix of 60s mod with a little 80s edge.  I used multi-color tweeds and double knits to create a classic silhouette, added a little edge with unexpected pleating and cutouts, then detailed with leather trim and metallics to add some pop! 

What are the price ranges for your pieces?
$75 - $200

Where can the readers purchase DESTINI? 

DESTINI is currently available online at and DLUX Boutique in Englewood, NJ 

Do you have any final words or suggestions for people wanting to make it in 
the fashion industry?

Know what you want your brand to be and allow your decisions to be based on that.  Take advantage of technology and ALWAYS do your research before making a move! ;) 

Make sure to show support for Natt and her line. Visit her website at and "Like" Destini on Facebook !

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