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Requested: Vests & Dresses

9/11/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT it reader Jessica says:
I'm looking for a vest to wear to the club..maybe something embellished or not? I saw one on your site before, but can't find it now. I would probably wear it with a plain strapless dress. So it would be nice to have details. (nothing Jean) Thanks
P.S. I love your site, keeps me hip!!
When wearing a vest, think of it as an accessory… similar to a blazer. If you want to wear something embellished or even something that is going to draw attention, such a fur (faux fur) you want to make sure you wearing a simple, possibly solid colored dress. For inspiration, Check out Kim Kardashian's previous Vest + Dress style. If the dress is more of the statement piece, try a more casual, longer vest.

Another great option is a Rocker Chic style which would be wearing a leather like vest. As seen above, you could add the pop of color by wearing a bright colored dress with a leather vest and pumps. To keep it even more trendy, wear a leopard print dress with your vest and the ever so popular pop of red with a red pump.

We've found a variety of vests that could be paired with a dress. Jessica, If you wear the look, let us know how it turns out! Send us a pic.

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