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Requested: Designer of Shaniece Lozada's Colorful + Mesh Dress

9/07/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT it reader Ayanna sent us this:
I saw a pic of Shaniece Hairston Lozada ( evelyn lozada's daughter) and i luvvvv her dress. Can you find out , who made this dress and show a look like this mesh & bold color mix!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shaniece wore this dress to the BET awards and looked absolutely gorgeous. We went straight to the internet and found out it was created by up and coming designer, Charles Lynch of Charles Chic. Currently, we don't see a website but he does have Facebook and Twitter.

Check out some of his other designs:

We didn't really have any luck finding anything similar but we've saved some colorful dresses with mesh below:

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