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Product Reviews: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron & Wrap to Waves Styler by Remington

9/21/2011 Whit and Whit 1 Comments

We both recently got the chance to try out a few hair care products by Remington.  Read on for our reviews on the Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron and the Style Solutions Wrap to Waves Styler + get a coupon code to use on purchasing the Remington products online!

Remington Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron Review By Whitney R:

I was given the opportunity to review Remington's Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron.

As you can see from above, my hair is naturally curly. I actually had my hair in a messy bun so this is after I took it down. (No, I didn't go out in public like that) My normal straightening process consists of shampooing and conditioning, blow drying, and then flat ironing.

I wanted to show you all what my hair looks like after I blow dry it. A lot of people can get their hair pretty straight and smooth with a blow dryer but my hair is more coarse on the top so it tends to turn into a big dry poof. Before flat ironing, I always use some type of heat protecting spray. See the final results below!

Okay, if anyone knows me personally, they know I live and die by Chi Flat Irons. I never really had much success with other straighteners so I was skeptical about using this product from Remington. Well, I have been proved wrong. The results were the same, if not better with the Remington's Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron. My Chi is about 4 years old and it doesn't allow me to adjust the heat. Remington's Flat Iron allows you to adjust the heat up to 430 degrees. My temperature setting was 390 throughout my straightening process. This product retails for $49.99 - half the price of the Chi. You definitely cannot beat that. Not to mention, I like the sleek silver color compared to my boring black one. The heat time is 30 seconds and it also features an automatic shutoff, floating plates, and a 4 year warranty. I recommend this to anyone, with any type of hair. I feel you will be as pleased with the results as I was.

Remington Style Solutions Wrap to Waves Styler Review By Whitney W:

I got to try out the Remington Style Solutions Wrap to Waves Styler. Normally, I wear my hair mostly straight on a daily basis (using a flat iron), but I always love the idea of having curly hair. The double barrel waver was easy to use and I like how they provide a protective glove to prevent from burning your hand while getting too close to the heat. It was a little time consuming to get through my whole head (as it always is when curling straight hair), but Remington's waver gave easy-to-use instructions for using the product.

The idea behind the product is grabbing 1 inch sections of hair and wrapping it throughout the double barrel waver to create deep, lasting waves. I used small sections of hair to achieve the extra curly look, but for looser waves, you can use larger sections and run your fingers through your hair. Final product:

I can't wait to grow my hair out longer so I can use the Wrap to Waves Styler more. The end product is very nice, so I would definitely recommend it to others who want to achieve the wavy/curly look!

Remington is allowing you to get 30% off the Frizz Therapy Straightener (S9951). Enter Code: WHIT30. This will take the price down to about $35.00! You cannot beat that! We suggest you purchase now! Coupon code expires 10/15/2011!

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