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Requested: Style Stalker Lace Up Leggings for Less

8/17/2011 Whit and Whit 1 Comments

Get WHIT it reader Juanie sent us this:

Hello GetWhitIt! I need your help again. Kim Kardashian wore a pair of leggings a while ago by Style Stalker. They are called Snake bite lace up panelled leggings. They started out being $249 now they are $189, they have been out for a while so I'm thinking some designer has copied this style. I know you all are VERY good at finding things for less so I'm asking you to PLEASE find these leggings for me for less.

Click the picture for more details on the Style Stalker Leggings:

Surprisingly, haven't really found anyone who has done the exact style for Less. Read more to see what we've found.

Glamorose.com has wet look leggings with a lace up back which retail for $26.85. Purchase them HERE and See them below:

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, these celebrity style leggings are looking awesome. I loved the styling a lot. Well, for the workouts, spandex leggings are best so I am just trying to find the affordable pattern leggings in spandex. I wonder if you have any recommendations for best online shop.