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Requested Look: What to Wear With This Purple Topshop Dress

8/11/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT It reader Brianna purchased this Petite Chiffon Cute Dress from Topshop ($80) and wanted our help with finding shoes and accessories to go with it. We found 4 totally different looks you could try with the dress.

Look #1:

Try a neutral look with tribal inspired accessories. This look will let the pretty feminine dress be the center of attention, but be contrasted with shoes and accessories featuring cut outs and edgy spikes.

Look #2:

Instead of basic black options, try warm tones (browns/golds/oranges) to complement the deep purple.

Look #3:

If you love basic blacks and want to keep it dark for an evening look, try these silver & black accessories.

Look #4:

Go bold with a color splash: have some fun with the addition of bright colors that complement the deep purple dress.

Hope these ideas help you find the perfect shoes and accessories for your dress!

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