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Requested: Carry-on Luggage For Less

5/18/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

So, not everyone can afford the Louie V luggage but it is necessary to travel in style. Our reader A.J. Ray hit us up on twitter wanting us to find cute, reasonably priced, carry-on luggage. She's a college student and wanted to keep the budget around $50. 

My (Whitney R) first thought that came to mind was Victoria Secret's PINK collection. Sadly (for my wallet) I'm ADDICTED when the semi annual sale comes around. I purchased a 3 piece luggage set which consists of a large rolling duffle, a smaller duffle, and makeup case. This retails on the website for $148. I recommend browsing the store around Semi Annual Sale time because I think I paid $68. The PINK line does offer a cute duffle in a variety of colors for $39.50

Our next searching destination was Target. They offer a 2 piece traveler set for $44.99 which offers a more traditional style. Both bags could easily be used for a carry-on. J World makes a Carry-On rolling duffle bag in a cute pattern which can be purchased for $44.99

If you want to expand your options or budget, check out eBags.com or some of the other options we've found below:

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