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Requested Look: Rihanna's Rolling Stone Cover Shorts

4/04/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We got a twitter request from Kerrah (@Sin_Sation) to find similar shorts like the ones Rihanna wore on her new Rolling Stone magazine cover. Stylist for the shoot, B. Akerlund, commissioned the barely-there shorts from designer Michael Schmidt. Together they came up with the idea of photo digitizing on top of metal mesh, and the end result were these torn metallic shorts with a Levi's logo on the back, cut out sides and lace-up detail.

In an article on RollingStone.com, the stylist discussed creating the "hottest short on the planet":

The stylist and the singer didn't have a chance to meet before the photo shoot, so Akerlund knew she was taking a chance with the shorts' fit. "I was just looking at the pictures online of like, her bum," she says, laughing. "I was just trying to figure out how she liked her shorts, and how they would end and cut."

The stakes were even higher because the shorts – which took a week to make – couldn't be altered after they were finished, because of the fine detailing along the ripped hem. "I just kept on saying, go shorter, go shorter," she says. "I knew we couldn't go much shorter, but I think the end result was just right."

To get a similar look (that is actually able to be worn in public) we found a few options:

Go almost as short as Rihanna in True Religion Joey Cut Off High Thigh Shorts ($171), or try Forever 21's Sandblasted Denim Cutoffs for only $12.50.

More options below:

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